Jalapeno Strawberry Jam

A fresh homemade strawberry jam with a hit of jalapeno heat!
One of my favourite things about summer is fresh strawberries! I enjoy eating them by the bowl full and using them in tasty recipes and the one that I make every summer is strawberry jam! Using fresh strawberries to make your own jam is a great way to preserve that burst of summer in a way that can be used throughout the year, long after the local strawberry season is over. I always make some basic strawberry jam and I like to change things up by adding extras like jalapenos! 

The recipe for this jalapeno strawberry jam is pretty much your basic strawberry jam recipe with the addition of as many jalapenos as you wish to add the amount of spicy heat to meet your tastes! This jalapeno strawberry jam can be used wherever you enjoy regular strawberry jam and I like it on a bagel with cream cheese!
A fresh homemade strawberry jam with a hit of jalapeno heat!

  • 4 cups strawberries, cleaned, hulled, sliced or mashed
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, sliced or diced
  • 7 cups sugar
  • 1 box pectin

  1. Bring the strawberries, jalapeno, and sugar to a boil over medium-high heat in a large sauce pan.
  2. Mix in the pectin and bring to a hard boil for 1 minute, before removing from heat.
  3. Skin any foam off before poring into sterilized jars and storing in the fridge.

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