Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites! {No Bake

I’ve seen a lot of the Strawberry Santa Hats around and thought I would make some of my own.  I decided on a cheesecake variety since strawberry and cheesecake just go hand in hand.  These Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites are super cute and easy to make!!!   There is no baking involved and you can whip them up in no time!
  • 8 oz . Cream Cheese softened
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 2/3 cup heavy cream
  • 1 package of Cheesecake Pudding
  • 1 package of chocolate dessert cups
  • 12 strawberries
  • white sparkling sugar sprinkles affiliate

  1. Combine all ingredients except the chocolate cups and strawberries. Beat well on high until the Cheesecake Cream is light and fluffy. Put the mixture into a piping bag and fill each chocolate cup up and over slightly around the rim. Place a strawberry with the top cut off on top of the Cheesecake Cream layer and press down slightly. Put a little Cheesecake Cream at the top for the top of the hat. Sprinkle with some white sugar sprinkles if desired. Enjoy!

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